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a18_c_H2O() calculates the 18O/16O fractionation factor between carbonate and water.


a18_c_H2O(temp, min, eq)



Carbonate growth temperature (°C).


Mineralogy. Options are "calcite", "aragonite", apatite, siderite, and "dolomite".


Equation used for the calculations. See details.


Returns the 18O/16O fractionation factor.


Options for eq if min = "calcite":

"ONeil69": O'Neil et al. (1969), modified by Friedman and O'Neil (1977):

$$\alpha^{18}_{calcite/water} = e^{(2.78 \times \frac{1000}{T^{2}} - 0.00289)}$$

"KO97-orig": Kim and O'Neil (1997):

$$\alpha^{18}_{calcite/water} = e^{(18.03 \times \frac{1}{T} - 0.03242)}$$

NOTE: The "KO97-orig" equation should only be applied to data that considers a CO2(acid)/calcite AFF as in Kim & O'Neil (1997), i.e., 10.44 at 25 °C.

"KO97": Kim and O'Neil (1997), reprocessed here to match the IUPAC-recommended AFF as in Kim et al. (2007, 2015):

$$\alpha^{18}_{calcite/water} = e^{(18.04 \times \frac{1}{T} - 0.03218)}$$

"Coplen07": Coplen (2007):

$$\alpha^{18}_{calcite/water} = e^{(17.4 \times \frac{1}{T} - 0.0286)}$$

"Tremaine11": Tremaine et al. (2011):

$$\alpha^{18}_{calcite/water} = e^{(16.1 \times \frac{1}{T} - 0.0246)}$$

"Watkins13": Watkins et al. (2013):

$$\alpha^{18}_{calcite/water} = e^{(17.747 \times \frac{1}{T} - 0.029777)}$$

"Daeron19": Daëron et al. (2019):

$$\alpha^{18}_{calcite/water} = e^{(17.57 \times \frac{1}{T} - 0.02913)}$$

Options for eq if min = "aragonite":

"GK86": Grossman and Ku (1986), modified by Dettman et al. (1999):

$$\alpha^{18}_{aragonite/water} = e^{(2.559 \times \frac{1000}{T^{2}} + 0.000715)}$$

"Kim07": Kim et al. (2007):

$$\alpha^{18}_{aragonite/water} = e^{(17.88 \times \frac{1}{T} - 0.03114)}$$

Options for eq if min = "apatite". Apatite refers to apatite-bound carbonate.

"Lecuyer10": Lécuyer et al. (2010):

$$\alpha^{18}_{apatite/water} = e^{(25.19 \times \frac{1}{T} - 0.05647)}$$

Options for eq if min = "siderite":

"vanDijk18": van Dijk et al. (2018):

$$\alpha^{18}_{siderite/water} = e^{(19.67 \times \frac{1}{T} - 0.03627)}$$

Options for eq if min = "dolomite":

"Vasconcelos05": Vasconcelos et al. (2005):

$$\alpha^{18}_{dolomite/water} = e^{(2.73 \times \frac{1000}{T^{2}} + 0.00026)}$$

"Muller19": Müller et al. (2019):

$$\alpha^{18}_{dolomite/water} = e^{(2.9923 \times \frac{1000}{T^{2}} + 0.0023592)}$$


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a18_c_H2O(temp = 25, min = "calcite", eq = "Coplen07")
#> [1] 1.030207
a18_c_H2O(temp = 25, min = "aragonite", eq = "GK86")
#> [1] 1.029942