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D47() calculates the equilibrium carbonate D47 value for a given temperature.


D47(temp, eq)



Carbonate growth temperature (°C).


Equation used for the calculation.

  • "Petersen19": the synthetic-only composite IUPAC-parameter calibration of Petersen et al. (2019).

  • "Anderson21": the I-CDES90 calibration of Anderson et al. (2021).

  • "Fiebig21": the CDES90 calibration of Fiebig et al. (2021).


Returns the carbonate D47 value expressed on the CDES90 scale (‰).



$$\Delta_{47, CDES90} = 0.0383 \times \frac{10^{6}}{T^{2}} + 0.170$$


$$\Delta_{47, I-CDES90} = 0.0391 \times \frac{10^{6}}{T^{2}} + 0.154$$


$$\Delta_{47, CDES90} = 1.038 \times (-5.897 \times \frac{1}{T} - 3.521 \times \frac{10^{3}}{T^{2}} + 2.391 \times \frac{10^{7}}{T^{3}} - 3.541 \times \frac{10^{9}}{T^{4}}) + 0.1856$$


Petersen, S. V., Defliese, W. F., Saenger, C., Daëron, M., Huntington, K. W., John, C. M., et al. (2019). Effects of improved 17O correction on interlaboratory agreement in clumped isotope calibrations, estimates of mineral-specific offsets, and temperature dependence of acid digestion fractionation. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 20(7), 3495-3519. doi:10.1029/2018GC008127

Anderson, N. T., Kelson, J. R., Kele, S., Daëron, M., Bonifacie, M., Horita, J., et al. (2021). A unified clumped isotope thermometer calibration (0.5-1100°C) using carbonate-based standardization. Geophysical Research Letters, 48(7), e2020GL092069. doi:10.1029/2020gl092069

Fiebig, J., Daëron, M., Bernecker, M., Guo, W., Schneider, G., Boch, R., et al. (2021). Calibration of the dual clumped isotope thermometer for carbonates. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. doi:10.1016/j.gca.2021.07.012

See also

temp_D47() calculates growth temperature from a D47 value.

Other equilibrium_carbonate: D48(), d17O_c(), d18O_c()


D47(temp = 33.7, eq = "Petersen19") # Returns 0.577
#> [1] 0.5767678
D47(temp = 33.7, eq = "Fiebig21") # Returns 0.571
#> [1] 0.5712565